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Athlete of the Month: January 2019

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 Athlete of the Month:


Member since March 2017 ​​​​

Monica is a mother of two amazing little girls Caro and Isa. She is also a wife to Firefighter and CFK athlete Alex.  Monica carried Isa in her belly throughout almost her entire pregnancy all while doing Crossfit.

By working with her coaches and finding alternatives to exercise movements she saw great benefit during her pregnancy and also with her postpartum recovery.

She has been a shining example of how dedication, daily effort, and the willingness to improve can reshape your physique, strength and skill level.

Monica and her family are an absolute joy to have as a part of our Crossfit Kendall community!

Here are some questions we asked her about her Crossfit Kendall experience:

How did you get started at CrossFit Kendall?

  • I wanted to give CrossFit a second try. I looked for the one closest to my house with most times available. I did the 3 day trial and liked it so much more than any other gym I’ve been to.

What is your motivation?

  • At first I just wanted to look good. Now, I love seeing progress in my abilities. The greatest motivator though is the community at CFK. They are extremely supportive; it feels good to go in everyday and work out with them.

What is your favorite movement?

  • Power Cleans & DB snatches.

What is your favorite workout or type of workout?

  • I prefer longer work outs in an AMRAP style.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

  • As far as CrossFit I would say I’m stronger than ever & getting DUBS. Personally it was getting my husband to join & sharing this with him. We are both happy to set an example of a healthy life style to our daughters.

What advice would you give to someone walking into CFK for the first time?

  • Focus on setting small goals. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Use wodify from day one to track your progress. It’s so rewarding to see that little star on a PR.

Thank you Monica for taking the time to share your story with us!

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