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Compete or not to Compete?

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This weekend is the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. One of the biggest and most popular fitness events in the country. You will undoubtedly see some of the biggest names in the competitive exercise game showcasing some incredible feats of strength and athleticism. The Athletes in the Elite division are in the top 1% of the world in Crossfit based metrics! Ripped abs! Giant Shoulders and Traps! Massive Quads!

Ready to go out and compete!?

Most Box members responses are:

“Hell NO!”

“I’m not good enough.”

“Maybe next year.”

“I won’t do it unless I can win…”


The last one is my favorite.

Let’s all take a moment to put things in perspective. Those athletes on the main stage are exactly as described before, the 1%, the Unicorns, The Lebron James’, the genetically gifted best of the best.

Rich Froning and Katrin Davidsdottir are the best in the world primarily based on their genetics. Their genetics and previous sports have allowed them to come into the sport with a huge leg up on everyone else. Couple that with complete dedication of their time to training and recovery and you have world champions.  The majority of us are not in that 1% right now.  But don’t lose hope, just because you can’t go head-to-head with Lebron in the NBA Finals, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play in pick up games. 

Most local competitions have multiple divisions in which you can look at the standards ahead of time. Find one in your area and show the standards list to your Coach. They know you best, they’ve seen every evolution of you as an athlete.

It’s ok to be Scared, even the most feared boxer Mike Tyson was scared before his fights, but what you do with that fear can bring out the best in you…


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